T.I. Park Pavilion


Design: Steve Taylor
Design Consultant: Grater Architects
Engineer: Mark Withiam, PE
Builder: Charles Garlock and Sons
Owner: T.I. Park Corporation
Location: Thousand Island Park

The Pavilion at Thousand Island Park, on the headlands of Wellesley Island, is one of the architectural gems along the river. The original building, built in the late 1800’s, was the gateway to this Methodist retreat, then only accessible by steamboat.

The character of the building, with its surrounding balconies and graceful roof forms was established at this early time. When the building was widened to its current, almost square plan, in the early 1900’s, the builders simply extended the balconies and roofs and added a railing to crown the building.

During the depression years, the building fell into decline. In subsequent years she lost her balconies and the timber crib foundation fell into decay. In the 1970’s the interior was closed off due to safety concerns.

Since its placement on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982, Thousand Island Park has gone through something of a renaissance, and in the 1990’s, the Landmark Society pulled the community together to restore our most distinctive landmark. Money was raised from community members and others interested in the project and in 1994 the building was straightened up and placed on new steel foundations.

We teamed up with Grater Architects to design the restoration of the building. In our design, the symmetry of the original building (lost when the building was widened) has been restored and the plan of the building reconfigured to serve the contemporary needs of the community. Charles Garlock and Sons, of Alexandria Bay completed the restoration in 1997.