Glass Cottage - T.I. Park


Design & Builder: Steve Taylor
Engineer: William Strodel
Owner: Richared & Caroline Glass
Location: Thousand Island Park

When Rich and Carolyn purchased an old cottage on Crystal Bay, they intended to repair and upgrade the structure.  During the survey, it became apparent that this was not going to give them what they had hoped for.  

It is not easy to demolish old structures at T.I. Park, but it was permitted when an engineering report declared the old structure unsafe.  This led to another opportunity to create a new cottage that would fit into and complement this summer community.  

We did so by following the traditions of responding to the site with generous porches wrapping around the bay view side of the cottage.  They were kept low to eliminate the need for railings and included wrap around stairs leading to the shaded lawn below.  A sleep porch was perched above the central porch serving the Master