Hanging Lanterns

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Design and Builder:  Steve Taylor
Owner:  Steve & Nellie Taylor
Location:  Pine Island

In the early 1980’s, an artist friend of ours, Tarrant Clement, made several beautiful ceramic ground lanterns to illuminate the path from our dock to the cottage. As Nellie and I grew older, however, we found that we needed more light. We were looking for soft general lighting (with no glare) for the dock and along the path.

To solve the problem, I designed and built several of these hanging lanterns. They hang from the soffit of the house and from trees along the path and above the dock.

Each lantern is made of 28 pieces of wood and 16 pieces of “Ivory” Plexiglas. Through this, low wattage incandescent bulbs give off a soft, warm illumination that augments Tarrant’s lanterns, without distracting from them.