Pine Island Boat Canopy


Design & Builder: Steve Taylor
Engineer: Future Tents Limited &
     Murrell Tensile Works

Owner: Steve & Nellie Taylor
Location: Pine Island


An image of svelte timbers & taut sails.

The Pine Island boat canopy was designed to provide a covered mooring for two boats alongside a dock that lies parallel to the shoreline of the island. The one-acre island lies just inside US waters along the Canadian Middle Channel of the St. Lawrence River. The design was conceived in 1992 but was not developed and executed until 1997.

This project was designed by us and engineered by FTL, a company specializing in fabric structures. We did the laminating and erected the structure. Fabric Structures, Inc., of Westwood, New Jersey designed and patterned the fabric for both this project and the Hub Island project.

The tapered laminated rafters and columns are of mahogany. Gougeon Bros. provided the epoxy and was very helpful in sharing their knowledge and expertise on how to achieve the desire tapers and shapes. The fabric for both projects is PVC coated polyester, manufactured by Serge Ferrari in Italy.

Note: This project won an Award of Excellence at the International Achievement Awards competition at the Industrial Fabrics Association international’s (IFAI) Expo 1998 in the Single Family Residential Awnings and Canopies category.