Elk Hart Ranch - Montana


Project Design: Steve Taylor

 Terry Baird
Margaret and Peter Ward
Location: Wilsall, Montana

In late 2003, I was asked to design a ranch on a section of land in central Montana.  The site looked north to the Crazy Mountains with no other habitations in view – only land, mountains and Montana’s big skies.  The owners had purchased several old farm buildings, all relatively small – some of logs and some stick built.  My challenge was to connect and assemble them into a single residence while preserving their heritage appeal.

The owners worked with a very imaginative builder who specialized in these kind of projects.  He and they took the plans and ran with them – making them even better.

After it was completed, we visited the owners and met the builder.  We hiked nearby hills and marveled at the both the majesty and the tranquility of the place.