Kassouf Cottage - T.I. Park


Design & Builder: Steve Taylor

Design Consultant: Lynn Kassouf
Engineer: William Strodel
Owner:  Tom & Lynn Kassouf
Location: T.I. Park    


The Kassouf family owned the cottage for several year using it primarily for summer vacations.  As Tom Kassouf was looking ahead toward retirement and to spending more time at the Park, they decided to prepare the cottage for that time.  Here again was an opportunity to play with our Carpenter Gothic sensibilities and we all joined in to do just that.  Tom is a great fisherman and Lynn a lover of Victorian design.  In this case, it was “Cottage Victorian” – light and fun.  The project was comprehensive and extensive in that it involved a complete upgrade with new foundations, modern insulation, and new millwork to make it a year round home.  Lynn selected the colors, Tom contributed the fish and wave motif and our craftsmen executed the project which has been warmly received by the community.