Bluff Island Floating Boat House


Design & Builder: Steve Taylor
Engineer: Charles Timbie
Owner: Richard and Carol Munro
Location: Bluff Island


This boathouse replaced an old one that had fallen into disrepair. The building was conceived as an open “pavilion-like” port with a generous roof protecting the docks and a wide slip. There is a skiff-slide built into the dock – opposite the harbor.

Because the entire floating system maintains a constant relationship to the water level, the docks and the slide are always at water’s edge – for easy boarding and launching.

Charles Timbie engineered the structure to maintain its shape under the severest sea conditions. It is anchored by two heavy-duty steel pilings that slide into sleeves drilled deep into the bedrock. These pilings are hung from the dock structure with gimbaled connectors so they stay vertical even when the boathouse is rocked by waves.